Meade Street

My kayak launching site search gave me a winner!

The lifeguard told me that leaving my small trailer on the beach is permitted if I pull it out of the way.

Parking ($1.50 / hour) is prohibited after 10 PM.

Strret Sign

A good launch site for the kayaks?

January 5, 2011

These pictures are frames from an HD 60 fps video captured @ 2:50 PM

Sun rise 7:08 – Sun set 5:43 – Moon rise 7:59 AM – Moon set 7:09 PM

Low tide today was 2:48 PM

Temperature – 79 – Wind SSE @10 knots – gusting to 15

Humidity 60% – Partly Cloudy – Barometer 29.95

There was only one instance of bait action that I saw. It was @ 4:18 PM. A brief flurry of leaping fish and diving birds.

I must remember to bring my binoculars next time. 🙂

The Launching area

Looking South


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